Wooden hairbrush set

Wooden hairbrush set

The wooden hairbrush set is a must have for babies and makes a perfect gift! 

Set contains: 
1 Goat hair hairbrush
1 wooden bristle de-tangling hairbrush
1 wooden comb 
  * set comes in an FREE Eco friendly burlap storage drawstring bag*
Bristle brush measures 7 inches
Goat hair brush measures 6 inches
Comb measure 6 inches

The goat hair hairbrush is perfect and soft for newborns, it helps brush out cradle cap and gently tame those baby hairs!

The wooden bristle brush is perfect for gently de-tangling babies knotty hair! Also perfect for toddlers and adolescents!

The wooden comb is perfect for all ages! It gently de-tangles and is perfect for styling and parting hair!